After taking a week off, The Keith and Paddy Picture Show is back this Saturday with a very unique homage to Terminator 2.


The iconic role of the Terminator is being taken on by Keith Lemon, while Paddy McGuinness is donning a blonde wig to play Sarah Connor.

And while the original film was shot over a period of 171 days, this version only took five. The difference in quality is probably nominal. Anyway, here's a preview:

And here are the stars joining the cast this week...

Rick Astley - T-1000

The Keith and Paddy Picture Show - Rick Astley
The Keith and Paddy Picture Show - Rick Astley (ITV/Talkback)

Rick Astley is a pop icon - and we won't hear otherwise. The singer was a huge star in the 80s and his debut single Never Gonna Give You Up went to number 1 in 25 countries when it was released in 1987. Thirty years later, you couldn't open an email without being rickrolled.

Asked what he enjoyed most about filming The Keith and Paddy Picture Show, Rick said: "I love the attention to detail and professionalism of the whole team mixed with having a laugh" - and we don't think he's joking!

His portrayal of T-1000 is, he explains, a mix of "Pacino, Di Caprio, De Niro and Pinocchio" and he's warned us to look out for pasty foil containers. Intriguing.

Since the 80s, Rick has continued to release music and in 2016 his album titled 50 (to celebrate his 50th birthday) reached number 1 in the album charts.

Jaime Winstone - John Connor

The Keith and Paddy Picture Show
The Keith and Paddy Picture Show (ITV/Talkback)

Jaime has showbiz in her blood; she's the daughter of actor and gambling ad frontman Ray Winstone.

However the 33-year-old is also an actor in her own right having risen to prominence in movies Bullet Boy and Kidulthood in the mid-noughties.

Since then she's gone on to play Sandra in 2010 movie Made in Dagenham, Chanel in Powder Room and Ruby in Love, Rosie. Her TV credits include Foyle's War, Mad Dogs and Dead Set.

On having Jaime in the cast as the teenage John Connor, Keith Lemon joked: "I didn’t see her until right at the end...I didn’t realise it was her, I just thought she was a boy."


The Keith and Paddy Picture Show airs Saturday 28th April at 9.20pm on ITV