Karen Gillan just recited The Proclaimers like she was performing Shakespeare

The Scottish actress put on her poshest English accent to complete the #15secondshakespeare challenge

Has your Twitter feed been populated by celebrities reciting song lyrics like they’re Shakespeare these past few days? If so, you’ll be familiar with #15secondshakespeare – our favourite new internet game which has seen Uptown Funk, Gangnam Style and Oops I Did It Again spoken in the style of the Bard by the likes of Mark Gatiss, Amanda Abbington and Mark Bonnar.


Today Karen Gillan entered the mix. For her performance, she borrowed a track from her Doctor Who co-star David Tennant’s favourite band, The Proclaimers. We don’t think we’ve ever heard I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) performed like a dramatic soliloquy – but then #15secondshakespeare has given us many things we never thought we’d see. 

Gillan does a fine job – emotional intensity, clear diction – and she even manages to squeeze the da-da-dum-dums into a sort of iambic pentameter. Bravo! 


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