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Jonny Labey and Chrissy Brooke win Dance Dance Dance 2017

Nobody could beat Jonny and Chrissy and their perfect score of 120

Published: Sunday, 12th February 2017 at 7:00 pm

EastEnders star Jonny Labey and his girlfriend Chrissy Brooke have become the first-ever Dance Dance Dance champions.


The duo picked up a perfect score of 120 as the judges told them they deserved every single point "and all the admiration and recognition" for their talents.

Lucy-Jo Hudson and her friend Rohan Pinnock-Hamilton were runners-up with an impressive final score of 117.


"I think I'm still sort of waiting for the moment where it's too good to be true," Jonny told host Alesha Dixon as the final scores were announced.

Turning to Jonny, Chrissy added: "It's absolutely amazing, everything, and it's been so lovely to do this with him, so thank you for asking me to do it with you."

It was also an emotional moment for Jonny.


After performing the final dance of the night, he left his family sobbing in the audience as he gushed: "This whole competition, we've worked so, so hard, we've put everything we could because we just want to do the best that we can and enjoy it together as well. Because there's nothing better than sharing this experience with a person you love."

Jonny got off to a good start with his performance to Usher's Caught Up, while Chrissy successfully channelled Lady Gaga in the Telephone video.


For their repeated duo performance, the couple returned to Michael Jackson's Scream, this time doing it perfectly. Their final duo to P!nk's Try cemented their win.

"You deserve every single point and all the admiration and recognition, and once again I'm in awe," judge Ashley Banjo said.

Timor added: "You guys executed the routine, lifts that professional dancers can only do, and you did it like it was nothing."


"It's been such a pleasure to be a witness and to watch your performance," Tina Landon told Jonny and Chrissy.

Lucy-Jo remained upbeat, saying: "I've loved the whole experience. Rohan, thank you so much for being my dance partner."


After six demanding weeks on stage, Rohan responded: "It's been amazing."


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