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Joey Essex tests girls by wearing ridiculous outfits on dates

The former TOWIE star is dating members of the public for a new E4 show and he has a very interesting reason for his stranger sartorial choices

Published: Monday, 29th August 2016 at 8:00 pm

Joey Essex has come up with a cunning plan to check girls he dates actually like him… by wearing ridiculous outfits.


It’s a tactic that has seen him sport a tennis outfit for one of his first date on E4’s new dating series Celebs Go Dating, which sees famous faces date members of the public.

“If I’m going for a meal, I’ll wear a really ridiculous outfit,” Essex tells us. “I wore a tennis outfit [for a first date on the show] because I thought, if I wear a tennis outfit, then she can only like me for being who I am.

“She’s got to look at me and go, 'Right, he dresses really strange but I did like him', you know?”

The date, at Sugar Hut in Essex, didn’t quite work out, he revealed. “Sadly she started burping in my face. Things got a bit weird," he said, although that should probably have been 'weirder' considering his outfit...

Taking dress sense off the table hasn’t inspired Mr Essex to look into a spin on the other new dating show on the block, Naked Attraction (which airs over on Channel 4), however. Here there are no clothes whatsoever as singletons choose someone to date purely on their naked bodies.

“Whhhhaaaattt?” Essex exclaims as we detail the premise. “Probably not. I go for personality before looks.”

Although it seems he might not need another show, as he teased he’s already had some success here:

“I’ve had three dates, I’m about to go on a second date – I’ve found someone I actually like.

“She’s nice, she’s fit, she’s honest. All good…” he said, revealing that they hit it off while playing table tennis at Bounce in London.

And she might want to persuade Essex to pick the location for the next date, as when we asked where his ideal night out would take place he declared: “Spain”.


Charlotte Crosby, Stephanie Pratt, Tyger Drew-Honey, You Tube’s Jack Jones, and Tattoo Fixers’ Paisley also star in the show. It's a nightly series stripped across three weeks and kicks off Monday 29th August at 10pm on E4.


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