Jeremy Clarkson: I love the idea of a United States of Europe

Despite what you might think, Clarkson says he's very fond of our contintental cousins


Jeremy Clarkson has made a career out of poking fun at foreigners so he’s not necessarily the first person you’d expect to advocate a federation of European countries. But the former Top Gear host says he’s actually a huge fan of our continental cousins and has always dreamed of a “United States of Europe”.


“I’ve always loved being part of Europe,” Clarkson tells Jonathan Ross on this week’s edition of his ITV chat show. “You know the relationship we have with Australians, which is the most healthy relationship of any two countries in the world… If the whole world just teased one another like that, there’s no harm. It’s like brothers sort of thing.

“And I have exactly the same relationship with the French, I love going to Europe, I went to Germany this week, it doesn’t matter where I am, it’s all fantastic and it’s exciting and interesting and I love the whole idea that we could have this United States of Europe, I’ve always dreamed of that.”

Clarkson also discusses his new car show The Grand Tour and Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential Election, saying that despite the doom and gloom from some quarters we should all be laughing at the prospect of Trump in the White House.

“It’s hilarious. It is hilarious, you know if you go on Twitter you have to say ‘Really the world has taken a tragic step backwards’. It hasn’t, it’s funny. I do like chaos. I really have always enjoyed chaos ever since I was a small boy, I liked to push over the display of beans in the supermarket, that sort of thing and when you see [that Trump has become President]… That hair, that nylon hair is now in the White House and you just think that is properly funny.”


Jeremy Clarkson joins Little Mix, Robbie Williams and Micky Flanagan on The Jonathan Ross Show at 9:30pm on Saturday 12th November on ITV