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James Martin is being made to do Food Heaven or Food Hell on final Saturday Kitchen Live

The presenter will either get a butter or horseradish-themed dish at the end of his last ever show

Published: Saturday, 26th March 2016 at 9:05 am

James Martin's final ever Saturday Kitchen Live is underway and, in a twist, it's the presenter himself who'll face this week's Food Heaven or Food Hell.


Long has Martin cooked dishes for his guests filled with ingredients they either love or loathe, the grub chosen by the guests and callers each week.

But Martin couldn't get away with not facing the challenge himself. Viewers of the show will know Martin's love of butter, so his 'heaven' dish had to be butter-based. Indeed, if he does win the good dish, he'll get to dive into a butter chicken curry with naan bread.

As for that 'hell' dish, well Martin is vocal in his dislike of horseradish, and so there's bundles of that on offer: a fishcake with a hint of horseradish, served with a horseradish mayo and grated horseradish over the top.

Well, we know what he won't want...

Find out at the end of the show today what is chosen for the chef.


Saturday Kitchen Live continues on BBC1 today until 11:30am


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