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“I feel like David Attenborough”: Fred Sirieux says First Dates is a nature show

You know, what with the mating dances and all that

Published: Saturday, 31st December 2016 at 9:40 am

The maître d’ of the First Dates restaurant, Fred Sirieux, has said that his dating show is basically like Planet Earth and that he is a bit like David Attenborough.


Give us a chance to explain.

Talking about his dating show, he reasoned: “The programme is hardly edited. What you see is what you get."

He told the Press Association: "The people on the programme are having their date and it’s like a nature programme. I feel like David Attenborough sometimes because it’s like this nature programme where you are looking at how people are interacting with each other and it’s about much more than dating.

"It’s about all of us and it’s fascinating.”

There should ABSOLUTELY be a collab where David Attenborough narrates First Dates in his sultry tones.

I mean, just read this in his voice and tell me it's a terrible idea: “And so the randy male sashays into the watering hole in his shiny blue suit, in a bold attempt to attract the female…”

In the meantime, the success of the First Dates restaurant has prompted a new venture, First Dates Hotel, where hopefuls looking for love will stay overnight in France in a very swanky hotel and go on a second date if they hit it off.

Sirieix has promised the show will not be "trashy" and will instead give participants more time to get to know their partner.



First Dates Hotel begins on Channel 4 on 2nd January at 10pm


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