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Hannah and Jon missed out on Love Island victory by just 6%

The newly engadged pair weren’t too far behind this year’s champs Jess and Max, although the two couples had a comfortable lead over their island rivals

Published: Friday, 17th July 2015 at 9:48 am

Issues of the heart are delicate and even a Love Island win was a close run thing with Jess and Max beating Hannah and Jon by just 6%.


Perhaps if unicorns had been able to vote newly engaged Jon and Hannah might have been able to squeeze over the finish line first. But it was the now official boyfriend and girlfriend Jess and Max who took the heart-shaped glory on Wednesday night, 42% to Hannah and Jon’s 36%.

But hey, Jon’s put a ring on it, so there’s a wedding on the horizon. Who needs the glory and £50k anyway...?

The two frontrunners had little competition from the other two island couples. Third place couple Lauren and Josh – who rounded out their time in Mallorca as friends – took 12% of the votes. Besotted Luis and Cally totted up just 10%.

The six-week ITV2 series saw various singletons seek love while under the watchful gaze of 69 cameras. The winners avoided several public and villa-based dumpings with champs Jess and Max admitting they were completely stunned to take the win.

 “We never thought in a million years we were going to win,” Max told “When we were stood up on the balcony, we were like, ‘We’re going to come fourth’, then ‘Oh we’ll come third’… even when we were the final two we were just like, ‘We’re not going to win’.”

They were pretty sure Jon and Hannah “had it in the bag”, especially after he got down on one knee. But, regardless of their win, Max won’t be popping the question just yet: “Definitely not!” he laughed.

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