From the X Factor vault: Simon Cowell gets a telling off from 86-year-old Edna

Back in 2006, a squirming Mr Nasty actually apologised after he was pulled up for being "ignorant"

Sorry, as the song goes, seems to be the hardest word, but back in 2006 86-year-old Edna managed to get those hard-won five letters out of none other than X Factor boss Simon Cowell.


Disgruntled by his reaction to her daughter-in-law Lorraine’s vocal efforts – Cowell laughed through most of her audition and branded it “terrible” – Edna gave him a piece of her mind.

“Listen Simon, you think you’re better than anybody. I think you were very ignorant. Yes, you were ignorant Simon.”

As Cowell retreated, having done his apologising, Edna had a few more things to tell the cameras. 

“He’s not even good looking, he hasn’t even got his own teeth…”

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