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Five things your inner child will love about the Thunderbirds Are Go! trailer

Tracy Island, Thunderbird 1, Thunderbird 2, the moving swimming pool... Thunderbirds mean business in CGI reboot

Published: Saturday, 14th March 2015 at 12:15 pm

Thunderbirds Are Go! is returning to screens this spring in a brand new CGI reboot and, judging by the new trailer, your inner child will be pretty happy about the update. 


Sure, pictures of Lady Penelope spun us all out a little bit with her new 'do and office-style clothes. They all looked a bit too shiny, a bit too perfect. But boy does this trailer flip things on their head. 

There's a mix of computer generated and model action and this new series heralds the return of some of the original voices, including David Graham as Parker. Gone Girl's Rosamund Pike joins as Lady P and The Maze Runner's Thomas Brodie-Sangster takes on Tracy brothers Gordon and John. 

With just over one minute of footage, there's plenty to see. Here's the stuff we think will make you pleased it's heading back:

5. Tracy Island

They can take the Tracy brothers' strings, but they can't take Tracy Island. If, like me, your last memory of this hidden island is the glue-covered mound of green goo you had in your bedroom from attempting to follow a Blue Peter 'make your own', this super smart Tracy Island will tick some serious boxes.

4. The retracting swimming pool

It's a pool that moves. A pool that moves! Sure Marvel and their gadget-adorned superheroes have been keeping us busy with Iron Man and such, but a retracting swimming pool that heralds the launch of a certain Thunderbird vehicle just can't be topped. 

3. Thunderbird 1 and 2

Here they are, here they are, here they are. Thunderbird 1 and 2. Both flying out together; International Rescue has some serious business to attend to. McDonalds will start giving these away as toys again, right? Right?

2. Touch screen

Sure we can swipe on our phones, tablets and what not, but there's still something about a Matrix-style floating wall of tech (there's probably a catchier name). He can literally launch a rocket with the touch of a floating button. Childhood excitement factor: 10/10.

1. The jeopardy

The action has been turbo-boosted. The Thunderbirds are into some serious rescue missions here. There's just so much jeopardy. Forget Peppa Pig. Who doesn't love a cartoon with a bit of actual drama? Milk time just went epic.

Thunderbirds arrives on ITV in Spring with 26 initial episodes. See the full trailer below:



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