Where to watch and stream First Dates Hotel – is the reality show on Netflix?

Find out where to watch and stream First Dates Hotel, if First Dates Hotel is on Netflix as well as your guide to the cast and what the reality show is about

First Dates Fred Sirieix

First Dates Hotel is a spin-off series from First Dates, with a twist – instead of getting the bus home if the date doesn’t work out, the unhappy parties have to get packing and fly back from their Italian hotel to the UK. But that comes with an upside – if the date does go well, there’s a luxury hotel and a day of second-date activities waiting for the potential couple.


Where to watch First Dates Hotel?

First Dates Hotel is broadcast on Channel 4 at 9.15pm on Tuesdays. But you can also catch up on the series on All4. Sadly, the series isn’t currently on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or iTunes – although you can catch its sister show First Dates on Amazon Prime.

First Dates Hotel
First Dates Hotel

Where is First Dates Hotel filmed?

First Dates Hotel’s location was originally at Le Vieux Castillon in France, but from series two onwards, the program was filmed at Aquapetra Resort & Spa in Campania, Italy.

How many seasons of First Dates Hotel are there?

So far, three seasons have been released.

Who is the maître d’?

Fred Sirieix is the First Dates restaurant maître d’, and also fulfils the same role for First Dates Hotel.

Who narrates First Dates Hotel?

First Dates Hotel is narrated by Brian Protheroe, who also narrates First Dates, and has done since the beginning of the series.

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How to apply for First Dates?

It’s easy to apply for First Dates, and it helps if you have active social media accounts so the producers can find out as much about you as possible. Just fill in their online application form, and you might get a call to be on the next series.