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Fred Sirieix on huge shock in First Dates Hotel: "Expect the unexpected!"

Fred and his team got more than they bargained for!

Published: Thursday, 30th April 2020 at 7:00 pm

The most romantic show on television is back as First Dates Hotel lands for a fifth season.


Fred Sirieix and his team of staff are back out on the dating scene to help singletons find love in a gorgeous First Dates Hotel location.

But according to the maitre d', viewers are in for a big shock this time around...

When asked exclusively by what's on the horizon, Sirieix laughed: "Expect the unexpected... I'm serious!"

The star continued: "The first episode is bonkers – the first two actually. I’ll give you a little bit from the first episode. There’s two girls – beautiful girls actually – and they suddenly realise they know each other! They don’t really know each other because they’ve never met but they know each other from social and other people. One of them says to the other – because they’ve both seen girls before but they’re looking for men – one says, ‘Do you know what, I actually quite fancy you…’

"They go on their respective dates and they realise they would like to be dating together! What is going on here?! I’m not going to tell you more, but expect the unexpected that’s all I can say. That could only happen in the First Dates Hotel. On First Dates, they are only going on dates, but in the hotel, they can meet near the pool or the bar, situations can take place."

But does Sirieix get some spare time to hang out with his staff when filming? Not much by the sound of things, as he described his time on the show as being like the Rihanna song, Work...

"When you run a hotel, it's an operation and even at night you need staff - it's a 24 hour operation."

He did admit he has "a lot of fun" with his staff, adding: "There's bits you see on camera and bits you don't see on camera..."

But who will find love in the First Dates Hotel? There may be a couple of shocks in store...


First Dates Hotel returns to Channel 4 tonight at 9pm. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.


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