Lea Sirk is leading the charge for Slovenia at Eurovision 2018 – but what are her odds of becoming the country's first ever Eurovision winner?


Find out more about her below.

Who is Lea Sirk?

The 28-year-old pink-haired star has become the first artist from Slovenia to make it through to the Eurovision final since 2015.

However, she's plenty familiar with what's to come, having appeared twice before in Eurovision as a backing singer.

More than that, she's even impersonated 2017 Eurovision winner Salvador Sobral on Slovenia talent show Znan abraz ima svoj glas (Your Face Sounds Familiar).

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Sirk's been singing since she was five, and has tried to make it through to Eurovision twice before in 2009 and 2010. 2018 has already proved a lucky year, but how high can she go?

What is Slovenia's Eurovision 2018 song called?

The track is called Hvala, ne! ('No Thanks' in English), and has already proved a surprise hit in the semi-finals, where Sirk upset the odds to make it through to the final.

Expect sharp dance moves, hair extensions and lots and lots of strobe.

Was there a technical problem with Slovenia's Eurovision song?

Don't be fooled if the music cuts out in Slovenia's song – it (probably) won't be a technical glitch. Her semi-final performance saw a curiously well timed 'technical fault' part way through the performance, and she's been rehearsing with it ahead of the contest.


So if the same happens again in the final, you've been warned.