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1. Which celebrated highwayman reputedly worked as a butcher, but turned to crime when he became involved with a gang of deer-stealers in Epping Forest?

2. In 2015, who became the first golfer since Tiger Woods in 2002 to win back-to-back US Masters and US Open championships?

3. Which children’s character first appeared on television in 1950; he lived in a picnic basket and was friends with Teddy and the rag doll Looby Loo?

4. “Camelopard” is an archaic term for which animal?

5. The upper-case form of which Greek letter is used to symbolise the S.I. unit of electrical resistance, the Ohm?

6. Who wrote the piano work for four hands, Mother Goose or Ma mère l’oye; which was later orchestrated and produced as a ballet?

7. Which drink, a mixture of stout and champagne, is said to have been invented by the steward at Brooks’s Club in 1861 to mark the death of Prince Albert?

8. Which 2001 film, and its subsequent sequels, were based on a book by the cartoonist William Steig about an antisocial green ogre?

9. A hymn that became an anthem of
the American civil rights movement was written by John Newton, a slave trader whose conversion to Christianity began after his ship survived an Atlantic storm in 1748. What’s the name of the hymn?

10. Who took over as interim leader of the Labour Party when Ed Miliband resigned following the 2015 general election?

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