Episode five

While Saint Marie is celebrating a local festival in town with drinking and a parade, and while the rich members of the local yacht club are holding a charity auction, a young woman is stabbed. But who did it: her husband, her sailing instructor, the club's secretary or the club's chairman?


Finn Anderson – Danny Rahim

Death in Paradise - Danny Rahim as Finn Anderson

Who does he play? A tech millionaire who made his money by developing a game and then selling it off, Finn moved to Saint Marie with his wife only recently. His wife Daisy is the murder victim.

Where have I seen him before? Danny Rahim starred as DC Tariq Lang in DCI Banks. He also appeared in Primeval: New World as Mac Rendell.

Hugh Davenport – John Sessions

Death in Paradise - John Sessions as Hugh Davenport

Who does he play? Hugh Davenport is the Chairman of the local yacht club.

Where have I seen him before? We recently saw John Sessions in ITV's The Lock, where he played DCI Frank Smilie. He's appeared in everything from Doctor Who to Outlander to Skins, and – away from the acting world – Sessions is known for comedy improv on Whose Line Is It Anyway? and QI.

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Charlotte Hamilton – Pippa Haywood

Death in Paradise - Pippa Haywood plays Charlotte Hamilton

Who does she play? Proud Mrs Hamilton is Club Secretary at the yacht club and a firm fixture in Saint Marie's privileged social scene.

Where have I seen her before? Pippa Haywood played the hilariously awful Joanna Clore in Green Wing. Since then she has starred in The Wrong Door, Mr Selfridge, Prisoners Wives, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Brief Encounters, and Porridge. She'll soon appear in the TV thriller Bodyguard alongside Line of Duty star Keeley Hawes.

Adam Warner – Rory Fleck Byrne

Death in Paradise - Rory Fleck Byrne plays Adam Warner

Who does he play? Meet Adam Warner, sailing instructor at the local yacht club.

Where have I seen him before? Rory Fleck Byrne has recently starred in period drama Harlots as Daniel Marney. He appeared in TV movie To Walk Invisible: The Bronte Sisters, and played Sean Morrison in Jackie Chan movie The Foreigner.

Darlene's niece Elize – Danae Langlais-John-Jules

Death in Paradise - Dwayne and Elize

No wonder Dwayne Myers has such a strong bond with his girlfriend Darlene's niece Eliza! The cheeky kid is played by actor Danny John-Jules' own daughter, Danae. She and her brother Dante travel to Guadeloupe with their parents while Death in Paradise is filming, and the siblings have previously appeared in the short film Bucky.