The new series of Death in Paradise has a line-up of guest stars as glittering as the Caribbean Sea. Episode by episode, here's who we will meet in each murder case - and where you've seen the actors before.


Episode eight

After a reggae reunion concert in Honoré, guitarist Billy is found dead in his dressing room, having apparently shot himself in the head. But DI Jack Mooney and the Commissioner are not convinced this is a suicide: is the death connected to the unsolved murder of Billy's wife?

Billy Springer – Levi Roots

Death in Paradise - Levi Roots as Billy

Who does he play? Billy Springer is the guitarist for local reggae band Leon and the Ragers, who are playing their first reunion gig in 30 years. Back in the heyday of the band, his wife was murdered – but much to the frustration of the Commissioner and Billy himself, the killer was never caught. Now, after placing a call to the Commissioner saying he knows the identity of the killer, Billy is found dead in his dressing room.

Where have I seen him before? It's only Levi Roots, off Dragons' Den! An actual reggae musician who was a friend of Bob Marley's, performed for Nelson Mandela, and won a MOBO award, Levi Roots was the perfect person to play a reggae musician in Death in Paradise. He became a household name with his Reggae Reggae Sauce and is a breakout star of Dragons' Den. He now has a multi million pound business.

Maia Oprey – Suzanne Packer

Death in Paradise - Maya – Suzanne Packer

Who does she play? Maya is part of the reggae band.

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Where have I seen her before? Suzanne Packer will be a familiar face to TV fans: in the last couple of years she's been in Keeping Faith (as Delyth Lloyd), Bang (as Layla), Vera (as Sophia Ashbrook), Stella (as Carole) and The Level (as Teresa Devlin). She previously starred in Casualty as Tess Bateman.

Leon Laroche – Clint Dyer

Death in Paradise - Leon played by Clint Dyer

Who does he play? As the lead singer of Leon and the Ragers, Leon is finally back on stage with his reggae band after 30 years.

Where have I seen him before? Clint Dyer recently appeared in the Black Mirror episode Metalhead, as Anthony. Other credits on his CV include Hope Springs, Acts of Vengeance, and The Bill.

Delmar Brown – Delroy Brown

Death in Paradise - Delmar – Delroy Brown

Who does he play? Delmar is a reggae musician in the band Leon and the Ragers.

Where have I seen him before? You may recognise Delroy Brown as DC Lee Broadhurst from the TV series Scott & Bailey. He's also appeared in Emmerdale, Bad Education (as Mr Carmichael) and Holby City (as Cuthbert Bradley).

Kai Springer – Akemnji Ndifornyen

Death in Paradise - Death in Paradise - Kai – Akemnji Ndifornyen

Who does he play? Kai's mother was sadly murdered many years ago, when he was just a baby. He is very close to his dad Billy, who raised him, and is devastated by his death.

Where have I seen him before? Akemnji Ndifornyen appeared in the TV series Leonardo as Machiavelli. He has previously starred in Doctors as Nathan Bailey, and recent projects include The Last Witness, America's War on Drugs, Obsession: Dark Desires, and The Javone Prince Show.

Dwayne's dad Nelson Myers – Ram John Holder

Death in Paradise - Dwayne's dad

Who does he play? Dwayne Myers has a difficult relationship with his dad Nelson, who he tracked down in London when he was over there on a case in series six. Now Nelson has come to the Caribbean to mend the relationship, but so far he seems to be getting on everyone's nerves by making himself at home.


Where have I seen him before? Guyanese actor Ram John Holder is best known for playing Augustus "Porkpie" Grant in Channel 4 series Desmond's, with two series of his own spin-off Porkpie. He's also appeared as Wilson in Down to Earth, 'Flying' Freddie Mercer in The Story of Tracy Beaker and first showed up in Death in Paradise last year. Alongside his screen work, Holder is a musician and has recorded several albums.