Crystal Maze contestants make history after completing the game with ZERO crystals

Viewers were shouting at the telly as Richard Ayoade led the Hauxwells through the show

TL, C4

“Start the fans! And then immediately stop them again…”


Richard Ayoade’s Crystal Maze reboot returned to our screens on Sunday night, and the beginning of series two was marked with… one of the worst performances of all time.

The Hauxwell siblings from Essex, managed to make it through the Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Future zones without hanging on to any of the crystals they had picked up along the way. They got off to a bad start after teammate Ryan was locked in on the first challenge (they had to use a crystal to get him out), and it was to be the first of many mishaps.

Over the course of the episode they made a series of embarrassing errors  including mixing up synonyms with antonyms, which are… well, the exact opposite. And they made history by having one contestant get locked in twice, and by winning zero seconds in the dome. Check out a clip of their dome failure below.

Some viewers saw the schadenfreude of it all, while others found it extremely frustrating. Check out the best Twitter reactions below.


The Crystal Maze continues Sundays at 8pm on Channel 4