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Claudia Winkleman to host intriguing competition show The Traitors

The Strictly Come Dancing presenter is heading to the Scottish Highlands for a game show that is all about betrayal.

BBC / Mark Mainz
Published: Wednesday, 25th May 2022 at 12:04 pm
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Claudia Winkleman is set to host BBC One's brand new show The Traitors, based on a Dutch game show.


The Strictly Come Dancing presenter will be heading to a castle in the Scottish Highlands for the psychological contest, which will see players work together to complete spectacular physical and mental missions for a chance to win up to £120,000.

The catch? At the start of the game, Winkleman will choose a small number of players to be 'The Traitors', unbeknownst to the others, who will be referred to as 'The Faithful'. The Traitors get to 'murder' a player each night, and then when the group meets later the next day, they have to 'banish' a player they suspect of being a Traitor.

At the end of the game, the cash prize will only be won if the remaining contestants are all Faithful. If a Traitor is still among them, it's the Traitor who get the cash.

Speaking of the series, Claudia Winkleman said in a statement: “I’m obsessed by psychological games and I couldn’t stop watching the Dutch version of the show. The fact that the BBC version is set in a castle in Scotland and the producers want me to wear tweed meant I was all in.”

Mike Cotton, deputy creative director of Studio Lambert, added: “The series is a nail-biting psychological adventure game and Claudia is a huge fan of the format and is the perfect puppet master to oversee this dramatic game set in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.”

Strictly Come Dancing Claudia Winkleman
Claudia Winkleman hosting Strictly Come Dancing BBC

There's no news yet as to when the intriguing new game show will arrive on BBC One.

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