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Claude Littner thought Karren Brady was 'sexy' when he first met her

She did not return the compliment

Published: Monday, 23rd September 2019 at 10:00 pm

Although capable of some serious boardroom takedowns, The Apprentice’s Claude Littner has shown himself to be a secret charmer in recent series, forming close bonds with select candidates (see: Kayode).


However, his attempts to compliment Karren Brady, another of Lord Sugars aides on the show, went slightly awry after calling her sexy.

While sitting down with Brady and Radio Times, Littner didn’t hold back when asked about his first impressions.

“I’ve always thought that Karren’s sexy, so I think that was my first thought,” he said.

Littner continued: “I just think right from the off, we got on very, very well. On The Apprentice, you don’t often see the three of us laughing or anything like that, but we are good friends. We spend time together - obviously on the show, but outside of it as well.”

When questioned whether she could return the compliment, Brady left a very noticeable pause. Despite Littner’s protests (“You did. You did!”), she answered: “I don’t know what to say, really!”

But whatever Brady thought about Littner’s sexual energy when they first met, the two have become good friends – and with Lord Sugar.

“We spent the summer on Alan’s boat with him this year, and we had a really good time,” revealed Brady. “And I have to say, Alan makes a mean cocktail, as I can vouch for. And so can my hangover.”

Littner added: “It’s not that we’re laughing hysterically all the time, it’s just that we also enjoy being in each other’s company.”

Brady, Littner and Lord Sugar are set to return to screen when The Apprentice kicks off its 15th series on Wednesday 2nd October at 9pm, BBC1. And it looks set to be a good one: according to Brady, the opening episode is “SO GOOD” that the BBC News at 10 has been pushed back to fit in all the boardroom shenanigans.


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