Call off the First Dates matchmaking! Twitter has fallen in love with maître d’ Fred

It's not that social media doesn't love the daters, it's that they love the French head waiter even more...

If you ask us, it’s almost cruel: to put a friendly, complimentary, smooth-talking (and let’s face it, not unattractive) Frenchman at the helm of the First Dates restaurant immediately makes everyone else in a three mile radius seem just that little bit worse.


And while each week Twitter never fails to fancy one of the daters, its admiration for maître d’ Fred Sirieix has blossomed into a full bout of (unrequited) love.  Before the new series started, predicted this might happen“We suspect some of the daters (and the viewers too) might want dinner with him instead of their match…”

So here’s Twitter’s ode to Fred, the French head waiter who’s stealing social media’s digital heart.

Well, he’s got lots of other love guru skills too (see above). But yes, the French accent helps…  

Ok, we have to stop now and get back to our real lives, where there is now an obvious lack of diplomacy, Frenchness and Shakespeare. 


 First Dates series three continues on Wednesdays at 10pm on Channel 4