Dancing dogs, dancing dads, helicopter-conjuring magicians, buzzers, Golden Buzzers… it really has been quite the week of Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals. Variety in the true sense of the word. But tonight, one act will be crowned champion, bagging a spot on this year’s Royal Variety Show and a peachy £250,000. But just who will it be?


It’s with slight trepidation that I make my predictions, so many worthy acts have already been sent packing. The final ten acts (which will become twelve once the wildcards have been added) were hard enough to call. I adore Danny Posthill's impressions, have been a vocal supporter of Old Men Grooving and think Isaac Waddington is one to watch. When it comes to choosing just three, my list has chopped and changed. But let’s see how close I can get to tonight’s result. Here, without taking into account this year’s as-yet-undisclosed wildcards, are my predictions for the top three:

3rd place: Jules & Matisse


Jules and her dancing dog Matisse have given us two, from what I can tell, faultless performances. The dog doesn’t seem to have put a paw out of place as they’ve wowed us with a dog catcher-themed routine, as a well as a toymaker-style piece for the semi-final. Jules surprised us all with the addition of another dog, Chase, in the semi-final, and my money’s on at least one more wagging his or her tail into the final. Who can resist picking up the phone to vote for their canine capers? The judges told me at this year’s series launch that they had their eye on another four-legged competitor doing well and I think, having made it this far, Jules and Matisse will earn a podium place.

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2nd place: Calum Scott


In all honesty, I’d like to see Calum take the win tonight, but singers get a bit of a tough time if they win BGT, given there’s plenty of singing-based reality shows they could compete in. But Calum’s got an effortless charm, seems entirely comfortable on stage and already has the backing of boss Simon Cowell, who awarded him his Golden Buzzer, so I think will still draw plenty of votes. Here’s hoping whichever way the vote goes, Cowell signs Calum up and he hits the studio after, because his is an album I’d like to buy.

1st place: Jamie Raven


The internet exploded with theories after magician Jamie Raven conjured up a helicopter during his semi-final performance. The power of pausable television meant plenty of eagle-eyed viewers studied the act in detail, to figure and out exactly what was going on. That’s just motivation for Raven, who told me if people are trying to figure out how he did an act, it means they care about what they’ve just seen. Tonight, he’ll be sure to be mindful of camera angles, but told me he just wants to put on a show that can be enjoyed by viewers at home and in the studio, too. The interest around him is sure to prompt votes and I’d like to see him bag this year’s top prize and wow the royal family with his tricks. It would be the first win for a magician on BGT too and feels like a natural fit for the Royal Variety.

Who do you think will take the top three places? Let us know in the comments section below.

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