The Chase presenter and new Doctor Who star Bradley Walsh will need the help of the Tardis to handle his packed filming schedule.


According to Anne Hegerty, better known as The Governess on the ITV quiz show, Walsh's extra commitments filming Doctor Who mean that he has struggled to make time for The Chase recordings.

“It can be hard going. The problem this year [is] Bradley has been so unavailable as he has been doing Doctor Who,” Hegerty told The Mirror. “Bradley was very determined that the one thing he was not going to give up was The Chase."

She added: “We stopped filming for a few months when Bradley did Doctor Who. We did some shows in April and June. [But] I have not filmed since July.

“As a Doctor Who fan, I am really excited that he is on the show. But as someone who works with him, I do hope we are going to get some time to make new shows.”

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Anne Hegerty on The Chase (ITV)

But don’t worry though, Walsh will still appear as The Chase host for at least a long while yet. As Hegerty explained, ITV has plenty of unaired episodes to broadcast, and Walsh has already told Radio Times he is committed to the show.

"Luckily I just let the producers at ITV and the BBC do all the plate-spinning and date-sorting," he said. "They’re fantastic — my thanks to both ITV and BBC for letting me do these jobs concurrently."

Walsh is due to appear as companion Graham in the upcoming series 11 of Doctor Who, alongside Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor.


Doctor Who series 11 begins on BBC1 on Sunday 7th October 2018

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