Binky gets to grips with a pram and JP changes a nappy in trailer for Born in Chelsea: Baby Steps

Plus Ollie Locke tries to use a breast pump. What's not to love?


After Binky & JP’s Baby: Born in Chelsea showed the former Made in Chelsea couple gearing up to become parents, now we’re revisiting the reality stars a month later to see how they’re getting on.


Although Binky and JP look like they have parenthood nailed at the start of the trailer for E4 series Born in Chelsea: Baby Steps, it’s not long before their daughter India is causing trouble.

Not only does she let rip whilst glamorous granny Jane Felstead is having a hold, but we also see Binky promising India that godfather Ollie Locke will buy her a pony and JP saying that every parent will go through a night of hell.

And that’s all before poor Binky has struggled to get to grips with her pram, battling to get it out of the door and being unable to fold it down to put it in the car.

Although you have to spare a thought for Ollie, who’s left on breast pump duties. Lovely stuff.


Born in Chelsea: Baby Steps airs Sunday 30th July on E4