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Benedict Cumberbatch sends a message to Judge Rinder ahead of his 1,000th case

The Avengers: Infinity War star surprised Rinder on ITV's Good Morning Britain

Published: Tuesday, 17th April 2018 at 11:08 am

Benedict Cumberbatch surprised his pal Judge Rinder on Good Morning Britain with a message congratulating him on reaching 1,000 cases in his ITV programme.


The Avengers: Infinity War star, who is a close friend of Robert Rinder's, pre-recorded a message for his pal, which Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid shared with him ahead of his 1,000th case on Monday.

"Rob – congratulations on your 1,000th show. I mean, I only got to 92 of Hamlet, I can't imagine how you feel playing Judge Rinder every day," the actor said in the short clip. "A thousand! That's amazing. Well done, we love you."

Check out Cumberbatch's message, and Rinder's reaction, below.

Rinder and Cumberbatch go way back. The duo met while studying at Manchester University, when Robert had to step down from a role in a student play and the Sherlock star auditioned to replace him.

Later in the show, Rinder joked that while he hadn't gotten the pay rise that he had asked for to mark the occasion, that ITV had gifted him with a golden gavel.

"I thought it was a good opportunity, given the economic climate, for a little bit of a pay rise – Judge Judy seems to get it every year," he said. "But instead, they gave me a golden gavel!"


Judge Rinder airs weekdays at 2pm on ITV


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