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Benedict Cumberbatch impersonated a load of otters and then beat up a giant teddy bear

Just a totally normal Friday night on Graham Norton...

Published: Saturday, 28th November 2015 at 9:00 am

The words "otter" and "Benedict Cumberbatch" have become synonymous in recent years, thanks to a Tumblr account that drew attention to the similarities between the Oscar-nominated actor and the cute mammals back in 2012.


But it's been a while since Cumberbatch pulled any otter-like faces, something Graham Norton decided to remedy on his chat show last night. He asked his guest if he wouldn't mind contorting his face to match some more snaps of the river-dwelling animals and Cumberbatch kindly obliged, with this...

And this:

And this.

N'aww, isn't that teddy bear cute? So cute that Benedict decided to attack it...

Poor teddy!

If you'd like to give this poor autographed bear a home, he's being auctioned off to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital from Tuesday.

Check out the full video of the Sherlock actor impersonating mammals and beating up giant cuddly toys, click play below...




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