Benedict Cumberbatch eaten by fans!

It was only a matter of time...

Benelicked Yum(!)berbatch (yes, we went there) made an extra special appearance at Westfield Stratford over the weekend… in chocolate form.


Yes, you may recall last week the Sherlock actor was given a confectionary-themed makeover in honour of being named the dishiest TV drama actor (over the likes of David Tennant and Damian Lewis). His chocolate statue was created using 40,000 grams of the brown stuff by a team of eight and last Friday went on display at the packed shopping centre where passers-by just couldn’t resist taking a bite out of him. 

Considering the 250 hours of work that went into the creation, we imagine the team weren’t best pleased with the granny who snapped off poor Chocobatch’s nose – or the various tongues making contact with his torso:

Then again, who can blame them? It’s hardly the first time Benedict Cumberbatch has been called tasty, is it?


For a reminder of just how chocolate Benedict was painstakingly created, take a look at the video below…