BBC replaced Countryfile with a special Brexit Question Time and people were NOT amused

"As if this referendum couldn't get any worse, they're now putting Question Time on in place of Countryfile," wrote one viewer


Popular Sunday night show Countryfile was bumped last night to make room for a last minute Question Time Brexit special.


The rural show did tweet its viewers to let them know it was being moved from 7pm to 5pm…

But not everyone got the message.

And not everyone was okay with the news.

If you thought people were angry about Brexit, you hadn’t seen anything yet…

These viewers had had enough of politics. They just wanted to forget about the EU Referendum for an hour.

But it was too much to ask…

Some viewers stuck around and watched Question Time instead.

But they bitterly missed Countryfile.

Whatever the future of Britain’s political system looks like, one thing is for sure:


Uh oh….