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Why isn't Antiques Roadshow on tonight? When is the next episode on TV?

We were in the perfect mood to guess the price of an antique clock.

Antiques Roadshow
Published: Sunday, 21st March 2021 at 2:00 pm

Sunday nights are made for gazing at the contents of a stranger's attic and suggesting a valuation.


But you'll have to make do with pricing up the tat in your own loft tonight, as Antiques Roadshow won't be on TV.

Where has the show disappeared to, and when will it be back on our screens? Read on for everything you need to know.

Why isn't Antiques Roadshow on TV tonight?

It seems the football is to blame! BBC One has the rights to the FA Cup clash between Chelsea and Sheffield United this afternoon at Stamford Bridge, which has had a knock-on effect on the Sunday evening schedule. Countryfile has been pushed back by an hour as a result, meaning the rural series airs at 7pm rather than 6pm. This means Antiques Roadshow's usual slot is no longer free.

The rest of the evening's telly – Top Gear at 8pm and Line of Duty at 9pm - is too popular to move, so Fiona Bruce and friends miss out this week.

When is Antiques Roadshow back on TV?

Don't worry, the series is back next Sunday night at 7pm as the roadshow visits Christchurch Park in Ipswich. The experts will be valuing all sorts of goodies, from delicate paintings created by a famous Suffolk artist, to an Imperial Chinese porcelain vase and some impressive solid gold lapel badges from Australia. But will they be worth anything?


Antiques Roadshow returns to BBC One next Sunday evening at 7pm. To find out what's on telly tonight, check out our TV Guide.


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