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Ant and Dec apologise for Saturday Night Takeaway swearing

One woman was a little over-excited to find she’d won a trip to Florida

Published: Saturday, 4th March 2017 at 6:30 pm

Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway made a triumphant return to TV last night, with many fans extremely happy to see it back on screens.


However, it seems like one section of the show might have been a little TOO exciting for one participant, who was caught swearing in surprise on camera when told she’d won a holiday to Florida. Whoops…

The awkward moment came when Ant and Dec revealed that they would be taking 200 competition winners with them to Florida for the series’ spectacular finale, surprising members of the audience and some viewers at home with tickets.

But when they crossed to the hidden camera in Laura Bothams’ living room, Laura had no idea her reaction was being recorded, clearly mouthing “F*** off” to the delight of fans at home.

Later, Dec apologised for the language saying “I have to apologise if somebody got a bit excited there and said something they didn’t mean to.”

The perils of using hidden cameras on live TV, guys – frankly, it’s astonishing that nobody’s ever said anything worse.


And & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway continues on ITV next Saturday


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