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Alan Carr: The secret to a successful chat show is plenty of booze

“You get a better understanding of the person whether it’s good or bad”

Published: Thursday, 22nd January 2015 at 3:03 pm

Last night Alan Carr was crowned Best Chat Show Presenter at the National Television Awards and his secret to success is pretty simple – it's booze.


If you’ve seen the show you’ll know Carr welcomes his guests with an array of (often bizarre) drinks, available courtesy of his globe-shaped drinks cabinet. And it’s a trick that’s working.

“Oh my god,” he laughs to backstage, “You don’t have to do a single bit of research. You just give them a bottle of Lambrini and just let them get on with it. It beats research. It just loosens them up a bit.

“When we had Lady Gaga on her hat fell off because she had so much whiskey,” he adds.

Carr saw off strong competition from Graham Norton and Jonathan Ross to win the award, but says at the end of the days the key to it is just having a “good chat”.

“Having a laugh, having fun.”

Carr doesn’t have to think twice about his dream guest. “Beyoncé. What do I have to do?

“Beyoncé, just come on. Please, just come on,” he pleads down the camera. Ball’s in your court Mrs Carter…


See the full interview in the video above.


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