They don't make them like they used to!


We do love Pointless and The Chase, but Alan Carr is about to take us on a special trip down memory lane, reviving the quizzes of yesteryear for his fun (and probably anarchic) entertainment series Epic Gameshow.

Alan is bringing back five of Britain's all-time favourite gameshows, in super-sized versions, reinvigorated and refreshed for the current day.

Contestants will get the chance to either win big-cash rewards or top-of-the-range prizes. And alongside the entertaining, hilarious and nail-biting contests that viewers know and love, every format will end with an all-new epic endgame, bringing these iconic shows bang up to date.

So what games will be on the show? And when can we watch them?

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Here's everything you need to know...

When is Epic Gameshow on TV?

The fun, nostalgia-filled show arrives on ITV on Saturday 30th May at 8.15pm.

Last year, ITV commissioned the series, which includes seven episodes lasting 60 minutes each.

Joe Mace, Commissioning Editor for Entertainment at ITV said: "We are really excited to bring these brilliant shows back to prime time with Alan Carr, they are the perfect match and we can't wait for the audiences to fall in love with both."

It's not the first time something like this has been done - Ant and Dec hosted Gameshow Marathon back in 2005, featuring some of the same shows, as well as The Golden Shot, Sale of the Century and Family Fortunes.

A second series of Gameshow Marathon was fronted by Vernon Kay in 2007 featuring Mr&Mrs, Blankety Blank, Name that Tune and Blockbusters.

Who is the host?

Alan Carr

Epic Gameshow will be presented by comedian Alan Carr, who is best known for his popular Channel 4 chat show, Alan Carr: Chatty Man as well as his stand up tours, and presenting alongside Melanie Sykes on BBC Radio 2.

Speaking of his new job, Alan said: “It is such a privilege for me to be involved in these truly iconic shows that have brought so much joy to my childhood.

"A little bit of nostalgia but a whole load of fun. Big shoes to fill I know, but these shows should be back on telly for a whole new generation to sit down and enjoy with their family just like I did all those years ago!”

The legendary formats being dragged into the 21st century are Play Your Cards Right, Take Your Pick, Strike It Lucky, Bullseye, and The Price is Right.

epic game show

Play Your Cards Right

The series is kicking off with a Play Your Cards Right Celebrity Special, followed by a civilian version later in the series. Originally hosted by the late Bruce Forsyth, this game sees couples play together, answering questions based on public opinion surveys e.g. "What percentage of people asked would rather spend time with their dog than their spouse?"

The best bit comes later, with the famous giant pack of cards - after a starting card is chosen, the couples must guess if the next card drawn will be higher or lower. The audience is actively encouraged to get involved with helping the players make their decision. Brucie cemented his light entertainment legend status by getting two catchphrases out of this show, "Higher or Lower?" and "Nothing for a pair - not in this game!" He also famously resurrected the game when he guest hosted Have I Got News For You, much to Paul Merton's delight.

The celebrity couples lined up to play with Alan Carr are Ore Oduba and his wife Portia, Chris and Rosie Ramsey, Martine McCutcheon and her husband Jack, and This Morning's husband and wife presenters Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes.

Take Your Pick

Des O'Connor hosted the show that offered contestants the choice to either "take the money" or "open the box," a bit like Noel Edmond's Deal or No Deal.

Firstly the contestants faced the surprisingly difficult "Yes/No Game" in which Des would talk to them for 60 seconds. All they had to do was avoid saying the words "yes" or "no" as well as shaking or nodding their heads. As soon as they uttered the forbidden words a glamorous assistant would sound a gong and their go would be over. Very few contestants made the full minute - it's a very tough game! Those who lasted longest would come back and decide whether to take a cash offer from Des or open a box.

It really was a gamble - the box could contain rubbish booby prizes or incredible holidays and star prizes, like cars.

Strike It Lucky

Strike It Lucky (or Michael Barrymore's Strike It Rich from 1996 to 1999) was a popular British television game show, which aired from 29 October 1986 to 23 August 1999, and was presented by the British comedian Barrymore. In this game, three teams of two compete to win cash and prizes in the TV equivalent of a frustrating game of snakes and ladders.

While one team member answers questions, the other stands on an elaborate set, moving forward by however many steps were earned by the correct answers. They would hit a buzzer which would reveal either a prize, which could be banked or risked, or a hotspot that would mean all prizes were forfeited.


The British darts-themed television game show features three pairs of contestants, each consisting of an amateur darts player and a quizzer, competing in darts games and quizzes to win cash and prizes.

The show, originally presented by Jim Bowen, has become iconic over the years, not least for Bully, the mascot, and the memorable outlandish prizes, such a speedboat, which none of the contestants seemed to have any use for (the show aired before eBay was invented).

The Price Is Right

Another one fronted by entertainer Bruce Forsyth, The Price Is Right sees contestants guessing the price of everyday items. One of the unique elements of the show was that the contestants were selected at random from the studio audience, so you could come to watch the show being filmed and find yourself playing.

Although there were all sorts of different games to play, the theme was always the same. You'd have to decide if, for instance, a toaster cost more than a kettle, or a vacuum cleaner was cheaper than a desk.

The show first aired in 1984, and has had many hosts including Leslie Crowther and Bob Warman. In 1995, it returned to ITV as Bruce Forsyth's Price is Right until 2001. The show would also feature "glamorous assistants" modelling the items that needed be priced up.

Joe Pasquale also hosted the series for a year, and in 2017, it was revived for a one-off pilot hosted by Alan on Channel 4

Will there be a celebrity version of the show?

Epic Gameshow will also feature a Christmas edition of The Price Is Right, and a Play Your Cards Right Celebrity Special, promising lots of fun. We can't wait!

Epic Gameshow airs Saturday nights on ITV, starting on 30th May at 8.15pm.


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