He's about to step into a brand new role as the host of ITV's Epic Gameshow, bringing back some of our fave games of the '80s to the small screen.


But despite years of presenting under his belt, Alan Carr tells us he's feeling slightly more nervous about this stint, as he'll essentially be taking over from the late Sir Bruce Forsyth - who previously hosted The Price Is Right and Play Your Cards Right.

When asked if it's been worrying filling Bruce's shoes, Alan confessed "it really is" as he admitted he'd found himself almost speaking like the legendary presenter.

He continued: "It’s so in your bloodstream that I found myself going, 'Good Game!' and it's like not only are you doing his show, you’re taking the p**s out of it. But that’s not you being rude, that’s because I’ve watched him."

Reminiscing about their friendship, he said: "Bruce was the first guest on Chatty Mann, and he called me afterwards and was like, 'Hello, Alan, I love being on Chatty Man. You’ve got a hit on your hands there.' I was like, 'Oh my God!' I couldn’t believe it and I kept it [the message] on my phone until I lost it, so he’s sort of been a lucky charm for me.

"Whenever he came on [Chatty Man] he was so loving. We just took the p**s out of him and he had this twinkle in his eye. It’s weird how things come along. If someone told Alan at 16, that I’d be hosting one of these shows let alone five of them I wouldn’t believe it. I hope I do him proud!"

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Bruce previously hosted Play Your Cards Right and The Price Is Right (Getty Images)

While he will be doing his best to keep the show true to its roots, Alan feels the new series is better for having an update.

"If you go back and watch the older ones, I think you’ll be surprised. They’re better for having a bit of a tszuj and getting rid of the casual sexism and racism. I think people are going to like it and there’s enough retro for everyone."

Speaking about bringing shiny floor shows back, Alan explained: "I love simple. I can deal with simple and they just stood the test of time. It wasn't really complicated and they were just these shows that make you feel quite fuzzy inside, but then these game shows got a lot of lighting changes and heartbeat music. Some of them just make you feel thick! With this, you can play along with all your family – no one is going to feel stupid."

So what can viewers expect?

"By part four, it’s mental and it just gets supersized and the prize money is like 50,000. Some of thee people playing are expecting a kids or they’re newlyweds, so the casting is brilliant. Your heart really goes for them!" he said.

"I feel like when we’re all going to be locked in with coronavirus this is perfect telly to sit in your bunker. Honestly if you’re self-isolating, Play Your Cards Right is perfect telly."

Sounds like a plan to us!


Epic Gameshow begins on Saturday (30th May) at 8.15pm on ITV. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.