After that stage fall Gemma Collins is considering suing the BBC

Her plummet at the Radio 1 Teen Awards may have seemed funny at the time, but it looks like The GC isn't laughing anymore

Gemma Collins Teen Awards 2017 (Getty, EH)

Yesterday we reported that Gemma Collins could still have a laugh at herself, after she fell down a trap door while presenting a prize at the Radio 1 Teen Awards at Wembley.


But after a day’s reflection, it looks like the TOWIE star might be finding the whole debacle less painfully funny and more, well, painful.

It’s now been reported that Gemma is considering suing the BBC over the incident. “I’ve got to consult a lawyer,” she told The Sun. “The BBC, they’ve not been in touch with any compensation or anything – or even an apology.”

Adding that she was “overwhelmed by everyone’s support” following the tumble, Gemma not-in-the-slightest bit exaggerated when she said: “If we just take a minute and watch that clip back, it could have been the end of The GC. I can’t back down from it.”

The incident unfolded when Gemma was announcing Love Island as the winner of the best TV show prize, and a trap door opened up beside her to welcome the winners on stage. But she didn’t see the hole and fell right into it, almost bumping off Amber Davies, Marcel Somerville and Jamie Jewitt in the process!

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After she made it back on stage she apologised, saying: “Oh my god, I am so sorry about that. This is live, this is what happens.”


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And although she posted this hilarious National Accident Helpline parody image on her Instagram account after her fall, it looks like Gemma may now actually be giving them a bell. Or maybe Andrew Castle could help her out instead?