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5 bonkers X Factor auditions to look forward to in 2015

From a song that could get a contestant fired to a wannabe Olly Murs who got Simon Cowell worried, this year’s judges and hosts spill on the more bizarre auditions they’ve had…

Published: Tuesday, 25th August 2015 at 7:45 am

As the first episode of the X Factor approaches, the judges and hosts have lifted the lid on some of the more interesting auditions they’ve sat through this year. From butt slapping and kissing, to someone who’s probably about to lose their job, here’s their pick of the bunch to look out for....


1. Simon Cowell on the contestant who’s got him worried for co-host Olly Murs’s safety…

“He’s more than a lookalike and soundalike, he’s a complete stalker,” revealed Cowell. “I asked him if he has ever watched a movie called Single White Female, I asked Olly if he had seen the movie too because this guy has literally channeled Olly [It’s a good film as it goes, four stars from the team here at Radio Times].

“He doesn’t just look and sound like him, he actually wants to be him. I had this vision in my head of Olly getting locked up in a room with tape around him one week while this guy takes his job. I think it might happen. If Olly goes missing, then turn up at this guy’s house and look in the garage or the garden.”

Perhaps the less said about that the better, eh?

2. Cowell and the song choice a contestant may regret

“The song was called ‘My boss is a d**khead’. I was thinking, ‘You are so going to lose your job,’ but it did make me laugh!”

3. New judge Nick Grimshaw on why one Manchester audition stood out

“I think my favourite one was a lady in Manchester in her 60s who performed No Limits by 2 Unlimited while smacking her bum. It was pretty good.”

And by all accounts it seems the new Xtra Factor hosts – Rochelle Humes and Melvin Odoom – agree:

“There’s a woman called Susan, she came out with an old school house tune, she was in her 60s,” explained Melvin.

“We called her techno Sue,” joked Rochelle.

“She then started doing some Nicki Minaj and was twerking on stage,” added Melvin. “The woman absolutely shut the place down, it was brilliant. When she came to speak to us I was crying. That’s how funny she was.”

4. Plus, Grimmers is pretty sure they’ve found “this year’s Wagner”

“[The act] kissed Simon and then she kissed me – she’s quite the kisser! I loved her."

5. … and admits he liked an act for interesting reasons:

"I also loved an act who are a couple and they have, hands down, the worst voices I have ever heard. But I felt kind of happy because they were the only ones who sound as bad as me.”

The X Factor returns Saturday at 8:00pm on ITV

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