Who is San Marino’s Eurovision 2020 entry? Meet Senhit who will sing Freaky!

The singer was due to represent San Marino for the second time

Senhit San Marino Eurovision 2020

San Marino is one of the newest additions to the Eurovision Song Contest having only joined in 2008, but has had a rocky road so far.


Despite ten attempts San Marino has only qualified for the grand final twice, most recently in 2019 with Serhat who came in 19th place.

Hoping to beat that country-best result is Senhit, who was chosen to sing the at the competition scheduled to take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands before it was cancelled due to coronavirus.

But who is Senhit and has she competed on Eurovision before?

Here’s everything you need to know about the star and her song entry, which is very disco…

Who is representing San Marino at Eurovision 2o20? And what’s the song?

While born in Bologna, Senhit grew up between Italy and San Marino. She has had quite the international career, performing in the musicals Fame, The Lion King and Hair in Switzerland and Germany.

In 2006 she embarked on a recording career in Italy, releasing three albums and also becoming a tv personality in the country.

2020 would have been her second Eurovision attempt – she previously represented San Marino (as Senit) in 2011 but failed to qualify for the final.

Senhit was due to sing Freaky! which was chosen by the public through an online poll.


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