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Years and Years viewers are in meltdown after THAT cliffhanger

Audiences were blown away the near-future BBC1 drama and Russell T Davies' "genius" writing – contains spoilers

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Published: Wednesday, 15th May 2019 at 9:28 am

The end is nigh. At least, that’s the case according to Years and Years, the new BBC1 drama that terrified viewers with its first episode’s cliffhanger.


Although its first half was packed with comedic moments (highlights including Noel from Hear’Say's secret sex robot), the opening instalment of the Russell T Davies drama ended with the world on the brink of nuclear Armageddon.

Portraying world events that might happen over the next 15 years, the show predicted that in 2024, President Donald Trump (yes, he wins a second term) fires a nuclear missile at an artificial Chinese island.

This places the UK and the show’s characters – the Lyons family – on a war footing, with air raid sirens and emergency broadcasts blasting throughout the country.

For many watching at home, the prospect of impending nuclear war was alarmingly real.

But it wasn’t only terrifying. The show also was met with critical acclaim online, many praising creator Davies for his “genius” writing.

The episode even managed to include a clever reference to contemporary events, with an early scene including a radio report mentioning the death of Doris Day – an story which had only broken the day before.

The best bit, though? More Years and Years is on its way – five more episodes, to be exact.

Although the trailer for episode two indicates Britain wasn’t wiped out by nuclear war, don’t expect it to be easy watching. As Davies previously told, there’s a cliffhanger at the end of every episode.

Could something even worse than nuclear war be on the way?

Years and Years is on BBC1 Tuesdays, 9pm


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