“Wonderful” and “genius” Worzel Gummidge must return, say RadioTimes.com readers

Mackenzie Crook writes, directs and stars in the new series which has been acclaimed by critics and audiences alike

Worzel Gummidge

After decades away from television screens, Worzel Gummidge finally returned to the BBC on Boxing Day for a two-part special and the reception has been very positive indeed.


Many viewers of the original series starring Jon Pertwee were thrilled to see the character return (now played by Mackenzie Crook), while the remake also introduced him to younger audiences for the first time.

Critics raved about the new episodes, with a five star review from RadioTimes.com calling Crook a “worthy successor” to the treasured character.

It seems our readers agree, as there has been an outpouring of adoration from viewers eager for the new Worzel Gummidge to return for more episodes.

RadioTimes.com reader Marc Montoya Castro said: “Adored this new realisation of the character and faultless in both writing and performance. I loved it as it was less slapstick than the original series which stands on its own without any doubt but in developing such a character for the 21st century in such a delightful and thoughtful manner shows pure talent and to some extent genius.”

Lorraine Cridge added: “Wonderful stuff, I loved the Pertwee series, but this new retelling has heart and soul in a complete package of excellence – soundtrack, characters, cinematography, environmental awareness without being preachy. Oh, and I want Earthy Mangold to be my new best friend!”

Lynn Caldwell joined in on the praise: “I loved Worzel back in the day – and viewed the first 2019 episode with skepticism-  but have been moved by this version. It’s magical – the way they brought in the harvest was beautiful. I think McKenzie makes a perfect Worzel. Absolutely gorgeous remake.”

BBC One is yet to make a decision on whether Worzel Gummidge will return, but there is certainly plenty of scope for it to do so, with RadioTimes.com reader Grahame Alexander-Robertson suggesting a novel idea.

He says: “It was the highlight of Christmas telly by far. If we don’t get a full series, how about four episodes a year, one for each season?”


Worzel Gummidge is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer