Will there be more episodes of Worzel Gummidge on BBC One?

***Spoilers ahead for the first two episodes of Worzel Gummidge***

Mackenzie Crook, India Brown and Thierry Wickens in Worzel Gummidge

All’s well that ends well. Unsurprisingly for family-friendly Christmas viewing, Worzel Gummidge concluded with a happy ending as Worzel won the scarecrow competition and found his purpose in life.


However, it certainly left things open for more charming adventures in Scatterbrook Farm, and maybe another cup o’ tea an’ a slice o’ cake…

Will there be more episodes of Worzel Gummidge?

The BBC tells RadioTimes.com that nothing has been officially commissioned just yet but the overwhelmingly positive reception to the show must certainly be giving them something to think about – and we know creator and star MacKenzie Crook is hopeful the series will live on after its Christmas broadcast.

Given the episodic nature of the show, it could continue for as long as the BBC and Crook would like, with Worzel facing a new challenge every week.

The original Worzel Gummidge series starring Jon Pertwee ran for four seasons beginning in 1979, for a grand total of 31 episodes. And given that there are also books in creator Barbara Euphan Todd’s children series, there are plenty of storylines the reboot could explore in the future.

While the recent episodes reintroduced old favourites such as Aunt Sally and Lady Bloomsbury Barton, there are a whole host of classic characters who could reappear in the children’s series, including Mr Peters and Sgt Beetroot.

Here’s hoping we’ll be visiting Scatterbrook Farm again in the not too distant future…


Worzel Gummidge is will be available on BBC iPlayer