Will there be a second series of Brief Encounters?

The cheerful ITV hit has ended - will we see more?


Tonight marks the final episode of Brief Encounters, and so the end of a heart-warming series with a bunch of larger than life women.


But is it really goodbye to the Ann Summers girls?

Feeling empowered after sacking off her cheating, good-for-nothing hubby, Steph planned a girls-only sex toy party. As you do.

But it wasn’t all fun and games, and it feels like there needs to be a second series to answer all of our questions…

Pauline’s son Johnny is well and truly back in her life, but what does the future hold for their relationship and will Brian ever understand?

Meanwhile, Nita brought an adorable little boy into the world – “welcome to the madhouse little man” – but will her and Dawn ever be friends again?

And then, of course, there was the classic end-of-series chase to the train station, so Steph could have a chance with Johnny.


ITV is still undecided about whether there’ll be a second series, but we think there’s more to this love story…