Netflix has another hit on its hands with intriguing crime thriller Who is Erin Carter?, which revolves around the eponymous school teacher as she runs from a dark and dangerous past.


The seven-part series has launched Swedish talent Evin Ahmad to international stardom, while it also packs leading roles for UK talent including Douglas Henshall, Jamie Bamber and Sean Teale.

The show itself, however, is filmed on location in Barcelona, where the titular Erin Carter has built a new life for herself that comes under threat of total destruction.

The cast and creatives have offered further insight into where Who is Erin Carter? is filmed, revealing Barcelona was not the only Catalonian location utilised during the shoot.

Who is Erin Carter? location guide: Where is the Netflix series filmed?

Evin Ahmad stars in Who is Erin Carter? with her hands aloft as a man points a gun at her
Evin Ahmad stars in Who is Erin Carter?. Netflix

Much of the filming for Who is Erin Carter? took place in Barcelona, the capital city of the Catalonia region of Spain, which is popular as a holiday destination.

In fact, co-star Douglas Henshall admitted that spending some time in the gorgeous locale was a selling point for joining the series, but was taken aback by the extreme temperatures that the crew would face there.

"I didn’t quite keep in mind how hot it would be," he recalled. "Coming from shooting in Shetland to suddenly being in the middle of Barcelona in the summer working in 42 degrees with the humidity.

"And you’re indoors without air conditioning because otherwise the sound department would pick it up. I was wearing a suit, and given my Scottish complexion I was afraid that at some point I was going to just melt into a little puddle on the floor."

Douglas Henshall in Who is Erin Carter? wearing a tuxedo
Douglas Henshall in Who is Erin Carter?. Netflix/YouTube

Fellow Who is Erin Carter? actor Denise Gough, also known for Star Wars spin-off Andor, described the heat of their stay as "challenging", while executive producer Rob Bullock explained the summer months brought other obstacles.

"One of the reasons we went to Barcelona was that it has got such an eclectic range of buildings. It’s the got the sea, it’s got the old town, it’s got modern suburbs," he began.

"It looks amazing, but actually gaining access to those places was harder than we realised, in part because we were filming in the summer."

Bullock continued: "Finding the home where Erin Carter lived in suburbia, which is one of the most important elements of the show, was incredibly difficult because all of these communities in August shut down. They don’t want any filming crew. Everyone is just going to go on holiday."

Fortunately, the crew were eventually able to find almost all their key settings in Barcelona itself, but had to look further afield – specifically, 35km away – to shoot a chaotic car chase that wouldn't have worked in the capital's bustling city streets.

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Indica Watson and Evin Ahmad star in Who is Erin Carter? hugging each other
Indica Watson and Evin Ahmad star in Who is Erin Carter?. Netflix

Showrunner Jack Lothian said: "It’s not the easiest place to film in. Quite rightly they are like, 'We’re fine. We don’t need your film crew clogging up the street,' which is absolutely fair enough. If I was Barcelona, I would feel the same way.

"We went to Sitges, which is next door. They were a bit more easy-going about it. We explained what we wanted in terms of the car chase and how the streets needed to be and they were very accommodating."

One memorable scene from Who is Erin Carter? takes place at a bullring. This, too, was a Barcelona location, despite the fact there have been no bullfights in Catalonia since 2011.

Henshall added: "That bullring isn’t used now because in Catalonia they don’t kill bulls anymore. The place is basically a museum, but it hasn’t been touched since it shut. It’s exactly as it was when it closed.

"We were doing night shoots, and when you walk into the middle of it, all the ghosts are still there. You can feel everything that’s happened there. It really is quite spectacular, especially given the nature of the scene we were shooting. It really added to it."

The most well-known preserved bullring in Barcelona is Plaza de Toros Monumental de Barcelona (often shortened to simply 'la Monumental'), which opened its doors in 1914.

Lothian joked: "Obviously, the bullring was exciting to use. We weren’t going to use one, but it is such a fantastic location. Logically, if you were going to kill someone, you wouldn’t probably take them to the bullring - but it sort of felt right."

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