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Who is 13 Reasons Why star Brandon Larracuente? Meet the actor who plays key character Jeff in the Netflix series

Find out more about the American actor who stars in the Netflix adaptation of the hit 2007 novel

Published: Friday, 19th May 2017 at 8:00 am

Breakout teen drama 13 Reasons Why is available now on Netflix, and among the cast there’s a recurring face that people can’t quite seem to place – Jeff Atkins aka Brandon Larracuente..


But what do you need to know about the young star? Find out more about the actor right here.

Who plays Jeff Atkins in Netflix's 13 Reasons Why?

22-year-old American actor Brandon Larracuente is among the cast of Netflix's new series. He’s something of a Netflix veteran, having starred in another original, Bloodline, for the past few years.

Larracuente is set to star in Will Smith's upcoming Netflix outing, Bright, and he's also due to appear as skateboarder #1 in the Baywatch reboot.

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Who is Jeff Atkins in the 13 Reasons Why TV series – and is he based on a character in the original book?

Jeff is a new character introduced for the TV series. He doesn’t appear in Jay Asher’s original book, but he is loosely based on another unnamed Liberty High School student who had an important role to play in the 2007 novel.

Well, Jeff is a star baseball player who Clay tutors in English. He helps Jeff to write better essays and in return, Jeff takes an interest in improving Clay’s social life.

In the novel, Clay is actually relatively well-liked among his classmates, so there’s no need for a Jeff-like figure to give him a helping hand.However, in the TV series it's another matter...


Do NOT read ahead if you have not yet finished 13 Reasons Why episode 10

Jeff plays a pity pivotal role in later episodes. His death in episode 10 devastates both Hannah and Clay. Hannah feels partly responsible because she was a passenger in Sheri’s car when Sheri knocked down a stop sign. That stop sign could have prevented the car crash which killed Jeff.

What do we need to know about Jeff Atkins?

Clay is devastated because he lost a good friend, a friend who he mistakenly believes died as a result of drink driving. Because he’s so upset, he’s not exactly forthcoming when Hannah tries to speak to him.

Did you spot the hints about Jeff’s death in 13 Reasons Why?

If you watch closely you’ll notice Jeff only ever appears in Clay’s flashbacks. He doesn’t pop up in any of the modern day scenes, which is odd considering he was one of Clay’s good friends and his confidante.

Clay never really mentions Jeff in the present day scenes either, despite regular encounters in flashback.

There’s also a reference to Jeff’s drinking during the party. He says he had “two beers two hours ago – but I’m good” before he’s due to head off on a beer run. In an episode dedicated to a car accident, that surely had to be a warning sign...

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