Netflix's latest thriller Pieces of Her has landed on the streamer and addicted viewers around the globe, bagging the top spot in Netflix's Top 10.


Based on Karin Slaughter's book of the same name, the eight-parter follows a mother whose act of bravery at a diner shooting threatens to destabilise her and her daughter's peaceful existence in a sleepy American town.

But despite its classic thriller setting, which places Laura and Andy's hometown in Georgia, the series was actually filmed on the other side of the world.

Read on for everything you need to know about the locations featured in Pieces of Her.

Where is Pieces of Her set?

Pieces of Her
Pieces of Her Netflix

The show is set in the beach town of Belle Isle, in Georgia – the American state.

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As for whether Belle Isle is a real place, there is a small area near the town of Keller in Georgia called Belle Island.

Where is Pieces of Her filmed?

Pieces of Her location

While the show is set in Georgia, the drama was actually filmed in Australia back in January 2021, according to

Filming took place in Sydney Olympic Park, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Other filming locations included Homebush, Sydney; Umina Beach, New South Wales; Blue Mountains, New South Wales; and North Ryde, Sydney.

New South Wales Minister for the Arts Don Harwin had previously spoken about filming Pieces of Her in the area, stating: “Through the NSW Government’s Made in NSW fund, and with our successful management of the COVID-19 pandemic making NSW a highly attractive place to film. We are sending a clear message that we are open for business, a safe location to film, and keen to welcome great opportunities to the state.

“Netflix’s Pieces of Her will deliver a substantial investment to the state’s economy and provide a significant amount of work for local cast and crew along with catering, security and other on-set operation."

Is Belle Isle, Georgia a real place?

Pieces of Her Andy Mike

No, Belle Isle is a fictional beach town near Savannagh.

It was created by author Karin Slaughter, who penned the book of the same name which Pieces of Her is based upon.

Slaughter speaking to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Slaughter confirmed that the town is fictional: “I made that up. I hate when I get letters where people complain that you can’t take a left on this particular road, so I just make up names a lot of the time. Anyone who knows Savannah knows what I’m doing.”

Pieces of Her arrived on Netflix on 4th March. You can buy Karin Slaughter's novel of the same name on Amazon. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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