Season four of 13 Reasons Why saw the graduating class of Liberty High return to Crestmont one last time, with many of the same local haunts from the past three series reappearing.


If you're wondering where iconic locations such as Monet's, Liberty High and Sanderson University (from season four, episode two) were filmed, we've compiled a guide to the real life sites behind the Netflix teen drama.

Where is 13 Reasons Why set and based?

The book, 13 Reasons Why, by Jay Asher, which serves as inspiration for the Brain Yorkey series, is set in the fictional town of Crestmont. In the series, the town name is never specifically mentioned because the show is not supposed to be set in a specific time or place to make the issues the teens face more timeless and relatable.

Where is 13 Reasons Why filmed?

While the town isn’t mentioned in 13 Reasons Why the locations you see on screen do match the real-life locations they used. You can even visit the filming locations in San Francisco’s Bay Area, with many of the main scenes taking place in and around California. While the winter formal from season one was filmed on a soundstage, the rest was shot on location. Season two, three and four used many of the same locations as the debut season.

Here are 13 Reasons Why's filming locations...

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Monet’s is the coffee shop all the students hang out at. It first appeared in season one, when Hannah meets up with Alex and Jessica there after school, later she and Clay pop into the cafe and now, in season three, Justin works there.

If you actually want to visit Monet’s you can, it’s all filmed on location in Vallejo, California in the Old City Lights building, 415 Virginia Street.

Liberty High School

Liberty High in 13 Reasons Why

Most of 13 Reasons Why’s action takes place in the High School. In season one it’s where Hannah is bullied, it’s also where quite a few conversations take place to move the plot along. A real school is used for filming - the Analy High School in Sebastopol, California. The school wasn’t available for part a few episodes so the crew had to build a replica of the hallways and classrooms in a warehouse.

The Crestmont Movie Theatre

In season three we see Jessica working at the cinema in Crestmont, Tyler hangs out there when she’s scheduled to spend time with him, but we also saw the same theatre in season one. Clay and Hannah both worked there and it’s where they first met. The filming location isn’t a cinema, it’s an empty store. The building is at 333 Georgia Street, Vallejo, California.

Baker’s Drug Store

Baker's Drug Store

Hannah’s parents own a drug store in season one, it’s where we see most of Hannah’s chats with her parents. It also crops up in season two. The store is on the same road as the movie theatre at 435 Georgia Street.

Clay’s House

13 Reasons Why - Clay's house

While the house undergoes some changes for season three, the exterior shots for Clay’s house were filmed at 231 Bayview Street in San Rafael. In season three we see less of the house as Clay moves to an outhouse with Justin.

Google Maps captured the crew filming and Dylan Minette outside.

The cemetery

Hannah is buried in the local cemetery in the show, which is Fernwood Cemetery in Mill Valley. Clay visits her grave in the early seasons and Hannah’s mum and Clay have a chat by the grave later on.

Liberty High gym – winter formal

Clay and Hannah at the Winter Formal
Clay and Hannah at the Winter Formal Netflix

The classic moment from season one when Clay and Hannah dance in the Liberty High School gym. The real set was a former gym and bowling alley which was used in the 40s and 50s. It had to be cleaned and remodelled to become the school gym we see in the show and then got another makeover when it housed the dance. The centre is in the Mare Island area, but it used to be used as a Naval Shipyard too. You can still visit Mare Island to hike or there's a museum there too.

The playground

In season one, Hannah and Justin visit the playground. It’s where he takes a picture up her skirt which is later used to taunt her. The scenes were filmed at Bret Harte Park in San Rafael.

Sanderson University

Sanderson University - 13 Reasons Why
Sanderson University - 13 Reasons Why Netflix

In the second episode of season four, the Liberty High graduating class take a school trip to Sanderson University so that prospective applicants can check out the college.

These scenes were filmed at Sonoma State University, a university in Sonoma County, California.

The mall

In season four, Tyler gets a job at the local mall. These scenes are actually filmed in the Sunvalley Shopping Center in Vallejo, California.

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