When is the next episode of Maigret on TV?

Rowan Atkinson returns to screens as the French detective for a Christmas special – but how long will fans have to wait for the next instalment?


Fans of Maigret have it tough. Rather than airing a full series in one go, ITV like to gently unspool their drama across the year which means that viewers had to wait nine months between the first episode in March and the Christmas special – Maigret’s Dead Man.


So, what of the future for Rowan Atkinson‘s French detective Jules Maigret? Well, there’s some good news and some bad news…

Let’s start with the good news: Maigret WILL be back for two more films. ITV actually announced this a while ago, revealing back in June that they have plans to adapt two more of George Simenon’s novels – Night at the Crossroads and Maigret in Montmatre. Both will be two hours long and set, once again, against the beautiful backdrop of 1950s Paris.

And now for the bad news… We don’t yet know for certain when they’re going to air. The two new episodes are currently slated for a 2017 release, so viewers may well get a look at the first of the two new films next March, mirroring the Easter release of the first episode. It’s then possible that we’ll have another nine-month wait for the second episode which could air again as a Christmas special.


The new material is currently still in production – so perhaps we’ll head back to ITV Player for another dose of Maigret in the meantime?