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What will happen in The Crown season two? Peter Morgan reveals central role for Matt Smith's Prince Philip

We will be seeing a lot more of Matt Smith in the next season of The Crown

Published: Saturday, 31st December 2016 at 9:41 am

You might think you know what's coming next in Netflix's The Crown: after all, the life of the most famous family in the country is not exactly untold history and requires no spoiler alerts.


But with the making of season two, creator Peter Morgan has revealed how he plans to continue the story of Elizabeth's reign - and the focus will shift away from the Queen herself as other royals take centre stage. 

“We start to focus on Charles as a young boy and his education, and on Philip and his back story,” Morgan told People magazine. 

Matt Smith's Prince Philip was one of the most engaging characters in the first season as he struggled to adjust to his wife (played by Claire Foy) becoming Queen. The production team has recently been in South Africa, filming part of Philip's Commonwealth tour which took him away from his wife and young family for months. 

Executive producer Suzanne Mackie teased: “We glance backward to Philip’s childhood and his upbringing, and how that might have impacted him as a man, a father and as Prince Consort - which is fascinating.”

Young Charles has made few appearances so far, but as direct heir to the Crown he will play more of a role in the next season, due in late 2017. 

We will also see how Britain changed in 1957 to 1964. 

“It’s goodbye to a different, Edwardian, post-Imperial world,” Morgan explained. “We get a classlessness and a modernity beginning to creep in. It is going to be terrific.”


And for those wondering when Princess Diana will make her first appearance? You'll have to wait until season three to meet her. 


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