What time is The Replacement on TV?

Everything you need to know about the finale to the BBC workplace drama


What time is The Replacement series finale on TV?


The conclusion to the maternity leave melodrama is on Tuesday 14th March at 9pm on BBC1.

What’s going to happen in tonight’s episode?

As their relationship disintegrates, Ellen (Morven Christie) must convince everyone in her life that she’s not paranoid and that Paula (Vicky McClure) really is out to get her. Meanwhile, Paula, who looks oddly like Mrs Danvers in the film of Rebecca, adopts various poses in some great-looking clothes.

Naturally the men behave like idiots and can’t see the madness in front of them.

What questions need to be answered?

There’s still a mass of questions that need answering, from why Kay called Ellen on the night she died, to who Georgia actually is… there are a lot of mysteries that need clearing up in tonight’s finale.


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