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7 burning questions we have after The Replacement episode 2

Has Paula got it in her to be a killer? Or is Ellen just losing her mind?

Published: Thursday, 26th July 2018 at 10:34 am

Vicky McClure and Morven Christie's maternity leave drama The Replacement kicked things up a notch in episode two as the hunt for a murderer began in earnest.


The story took an endless number of thrilling twists and turns as Ellen (Christie) relentlessly pursued her replacement Paula (McClure) in the hope of proving she'd been the one to take Kay's (Neve McIntosh) life.

It left us with some burning questions that need answering...

1. Why did Kay call Ellen on the night she died?


Episode one’s cliffhanger ending saw Kay calling Ellen for an important chat, only to fall to her death before she could have the conversation.

Was Ellen calling her to tell her she thought David and Paula were having an affair? Or could the call have had something to do with why Kay was contacting Georgia?

2. Who is Georgia?


Ellen confronted Paula’s elusive former workmate at a café but she seemed incredibly reluctant to speak to her. In fact, Georgia went as far as to leave and threatened to report Ellen for her behaviour.

Why would she do that? And what is she hiding?

3. Is David having an affair with Paula? 


David says Kay accused him of going astray, but refuses to tell Ellen who he is supposed to have had an affair with.

Now, we know he’s been spending a LOT of time with Paula since Kay’s death – her lipstick even popped up in his bathroom – but is she the woman his wife thought he was seeing? And is he actually seeing her?

4. Why is Paula so obsessed with Ellen’s daughter, Leah?


She’s gone from pretending to feel the baby’s first kick to looking positively murderous when suggesting Leah needs feeding, but why is Paula so utterly obsessed with everything Ellen does with her baby?

She’s even kept one of Ellen’s ultrasound pictures beneath her keyboard. Now that’s just a little too creepy, don’cha think?

5. Where was Paula on the night Kay died?


Husband Kirin struggled to get his story straight when Ellen asked him about the night Kay died, leaving us wondering how solid the alibi he offered up for his wife Paula really is.

6. Where is Paula’s daughter, Caris?


We know Paula’s using her Facebook account, posing as the little girl, but where has the child we met disappeared to when Ellen and her husband come around for dinner?

And why does Paula respond with “you win” when Ellen keeps asking about her?

7. Did Paula kill Kay? 


Ellen seems convinced and the evidence is slowly piling up. Paula asks if Ellen spoke to Kay before she died, wondering why their boss was calling her. That could be an innocent enough question, but it comes with a loaded look from the maternity cover architect.

Add to that Georgia’s reluctance to speak and you’ve got something to chew on.

Plus, Paula’s husband has admitted he’s not entirely convinced she’s mentally well, asking Ellen’s husband for advice about how to deal with someone who’s refusing to accept reality.


Where was Paula when Kay fell through that skylight? And did she actually push her through it? Who knows. . .


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