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What did you think of the BBC's Agatha Christie drama Ordeal by Innocence?

The star-studded Agatha Christie detective drama finally had its premiere – and we want to know what you thought

Ordeal by Innocence - Bill Nighy – Leo Argyll
Published: Sunday, 1st April 2018 at 10:00 pm

Did Ordeal by Innocence leave you on the edge of your seat – or were you unimpressed by the BBC's long-awaited Agatha Christie adaptation?


In the first episode of the three-parter we meet Leo Argyll (Bill Nighy) and collection of adopted children. But the wealthy Argyll family was recently hit by a tragedy: the brutal murder of their mother Rachel (Anna Chancellor), apparently by her adopted orphaned son Jack (Anthony Boyle). Despite proclaiming his innocence, he was dragged off to prison and died less than six months later.

Now, eighteen months after Rachel's murder, Leo is preparing to marry his obnoxious young secretary Gwenda (Alice Eve). She is not popular with his kids, and she is definitely not popular with housekeeper Kirsten (Morven Christie), which understandable because she's a real piece of work. Still. It's time to leave all that unpleasantness behind and move on. There's a wedding to celebrate.

But no! As the family gathers at their Sunny Point mansion, a bombshell arrives in the form of nervy Arthur Calgary (Luke Treadaway), who reveals – somewhat belatedly – that he had an alibi for Jack.

But does he really? And if he's telling the truth, who is the real murderer?

There are two more hours of this drama to go, so expect plenty more clues and red herrings and twists and turns before the puzzle is solved...


Ordeal by Innocence continues on Sunday 8th August at 9pm on BBC1


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