We totally missed this touching Game of Thrones callback in season 6

Did you?


Game of Thrones season six seemed pretty keen to set up Kit Harington’s Jon Snow as a natural successor to season one protagonist Ned Stark (Sean Bean), from the clothes he wore to the methods he used when training young swordsmen.


However, there was one callback between Jon and his foster dad (really his uncle, confusing plotline fans) that we completely missed – until one eagle-eyed redditor spotted that one of Jon’s conversations with Sansa (Sophie Turner) in season six’s final episode closely mirrored a chat between Ned and Arya (Maisie Williams way back in series one.

Now, considering Ned said this shortly before being betrayed, separated from his family and beheaded, we can only hope that the similarities end here – but perhaps Jon is set to follow in his honourable father’s footsteps and suffer an ignoble death after stumbling through political machinations.

The Godswood apple doesn’t fall far from the weirwood tree, after all…


Game of Thrones will return to TV in mid-2017