**Spoilers ahead for Virgin River season 4**


Ever since Virgin River fan favourite Jack (Martin Henderson) was shot at the end of season 2, viewers have been desperate to find out who shot Jack – and now the Netflix drama has finally given us an answer thanks to the arrival of season 4.

While police arrested Dan Brady (Ben Hollingsworth), who served in the Marines with Jack, in the season 3 finale, fans weren't convinced that it was definitely him who pulled the trigger when officer Mike (Marco Grazzini) stumbled upon the gun in question in Brady's car.

Luckily for Brady, Jack discovered the truth in the season 4 premiere when Preacher (Colin Lawrence) came to him with CCTV footage of Vince (Steve Bacic) – the twin brother of Christopher's father Wes, who he suspected of abducting Christopher (Chase Petriw) at the end of the previous season.

The video footage, which showed Vince checking into a hotel, triggered Jack's memory of the shooting, with the bartender realising that it wasn't Brady who shot him but Vince.

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Vince in Virgin River
Vince in Virgin River Netflix

"Brady didn't shoot me," he tells Preacher. "Vince did."

We finally learn the full truth in season 4's final episode, when a flashback reveals that Vince had arrived at the bar to confront Preacher about his brother, who Paige (Lexa Doig) killed by accident, but instead found Jack. Sensing it could be a dangerous situation, Jack picked up a knife – however Vince pulled out his gun and the two began fighting.

While Jack managed to cut Vince in the leg with his knife and tried to escape, Vince shot him and left him for dead on the floor of the bar.

As for why Brady had visited the bar earlier in the night, we find out that he'd wanted to tell Jack that he planned on cutting ties with gang boss Calvin (David Cubitt), and when Mike learns that the gun was planted in his car, he sets him free.

Vince doesn't get away scot-free, with Preacher ambushing the kidnapper after Paige – who'd been staying in a women's refuge – warns that he planned to give Christopher back if Paige went with him.

As Paige and Vince meet and are about to get into a fight, Preacher appears and attacks Vince, with the pair managing to escape with Christopher – although we don't know for sure whether Vince is dead.

Virgin River season 4 is available to stream on Netflix as well as seasons 1-3.

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